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The Swiss cow “Morchel” holds the world record for lifetime production; she has completed her 14th lactation at 21years of age, having produced more than 191 000kg of milk in her lifetime and being embryo flushed several times.

Dairy Swiss are roughage utilizers “par excellance”, resulting in healthier rumen activity and reduced metabolic disturbances.

The poll, the back line and the area around the udder, as well as the udders themselves, are often lighter in colour.Secondarily the more muscled, heavier boned beef breed commonly referred to as Braunvieh.In Switzerland and Europe they still have a smaller dual-purpose population referred to as “original Braunvieh” The international tendency has been more towards the dairy breed.Some of the SA Dairy Swiss's most important characteristics are its longevity, milk protein quality, temperament, adaptability to different climatic conditions, strong hooves and legs, good fertility and easy calving.The Dairy Swiss is a docile, well balanced medium to large framed, long bodied animal with very correct feet and legs, which enables it to fit in any dairy management system.

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