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You’ll feel the ocean breeze lifting your spirits as you listen to the optimistic chords of the natives’ music.Plus, with various cruise excursion options like helicopter tours and snorkeling trips, you’ll never forget the family cruise to the Hawaiian Islands with Carnival Cruise Lines.

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You’ll be delighted by the shining Hawaiian sun as you relax on a white, or even black sand beach.Stick to those streams that are already widely used (they aren’t hard to find, just look for the line of cars on the side of the road).It’s a good idea to pack some food and drink, but if your timing is right you may catch one of the roadside fruit vendors.If not, keep an eye out for the “Halfway to Hana” sign, at which point you can pick up some refreshments and a bit of caffeine.Finally, it’s best to have two drivers on hand — for one thing, the road can get a little tiring; for another, if you have to spend the whole day with your eyes on the road, you’ll miss some of Hawai’i’s most spectacular views.

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