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Scott Koehnke, a water management specialist for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, demonstrates the depth of the dredging done in the area of a Greenville karst. GREENVILLE - Town resident John Julius said town officials "pulled a nasty" earlier this year by ordering a dredging project that destroyed a karst feature on farmland west of State 76.

The unauthorized excavation of a navigable stream that disappeared into the karst feature — an opening in the ground caused by the dissolution of bedrock — has the potential to affect the well water of nearby residents, including Julius.

I somehow have avoided any major incidents, although I once hit a toolbox that dropped off a truck.

That messed up the front end of my Ford Fusion hybrid to the amount of ,000.

My joke was we would be better off if they just planted a few wrecked cars in the third lane and let people move slowly around them to save us the property damage to our vehicles from actual accidents.

Considering how many more people and cars there are than in 1983, the commute has been pretty consistent.

However, the one constant are the daily delays through Hayward. Bob Weisman A No question that 880 through Hayward is a tough stretch of freeway.

"I've never had somebody go ahead and do something this drastic before."Roach recommended delaying approval of a preliminary plat for an upstream housing development called Savannah Heights until the town can restore the stream, wetlands and karst feature. Roach said an excavator was used to dredge the stream, and then a bulldozer was used to spread out the spoils, damaging wetlands that served as a natural buffer to the waterway.

Roach discovered the damage when he drove by the Lin Family property on Jan. He said the excavator cut through the karst feature, where Roach and others recall seeing the water disappear in a whirlpool.

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