Understanding and validating database system administration

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In some cases, candidates are expected to possess industry certifications such as the Microsoft MCSA, MCSE, MCITP, Red Hat RHCE, Novell CNA, CNE, Cisco CCNA or Comp TIA's A or Network , Sun Certified SCNA, Linux Professional Institute, Linux Foundation Certified Engineer or Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator The subject matter of system administration includes computer systems and the ways people use them in an organization.

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The first, Rochester Institute of Technology Marist College, and Drexel University have more recently offered degrees in Information Technology. University of Amsterdam (Uv A) offers a similar program in cooperation with Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Hv A) named "Master System and Network Engineering".

They may also need to have teamwork and communication skills; as well as being able to install and configure hardware and software.

Sysadmins must understand the behavior of software in order to deploy it and to troubleshoot problems, and generally know several programming languages used for scripting or automation of routine tasks.

Perhaps the most important skill for a system administrator is problem solving—frequently under various sorts of constraints and stress.

The sysadmin is on call when a computer system goes down or malfunctions, and must be able to quickly and correctly diagnose what is wrong and how best to fix it.

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