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Olivia's body has yet to be released to the family but they are planning to have a blue coffin and a blue drape at her funeral.Ms Campbell said her daughter would be cremated and her ashes would be scattered.She was so cheeky.'She would give her teachers so much grief, but in a good way.'She was off school one time and a teacher said to me, 'I miss her giving me cheek'.'I've told her school friends, I want you to keep Oli alive and give all your teachers grief.'Ms Campbell remembered a 'That's So Raven' impression Olivia would do, bursting in a room shouting 'Bonjour! And Olivia's family were not the only ones to get the worker bee tattoo, as hundreds of people eager to pay tribute to the Manchester Arena bomb victims yesterday queued for the same inking.

The bees symbolise the workers of Manchester during the industrial revolution, when the city's hundreds of mills thrived.Examples of the bee can be found on many Manchester landmarks, such as a bee-tiled mosaic floor at Manchester Town Hall, bee notches for each hour on the clock face at the Palace, as well as engravings above Lloyds bank and Links of London.They are also commonly found on bins and, planters and and bollards.I looked up to the sky and a shooting star went across.'At that time I didn't think anything but I look back now and it was Oli passing over.It was phenomenal.'Ms Campbell claims she received 18,000 Facebook messages after the news of her daughter's death, the sheer volume broke her phone.

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