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My husband had promised me a tummy tuck after we had completed our family as I had stretched terribly after DS1 as I was full of fluid due to his illness.That was odd as if modern medicine was so great why could it not prevent disease by now?So they treat the symptoms which often makes patients sicker, but hospitals make money from the “medicines” they provide.I became very disillusioned with medicine as a career, so I went into music.After the operation, the doctor said that there was a lot of swelling on my tubes and she was worried the clips might come off in time.

“It might be worse under there,” Big said laughing.

Miranda’s insistence on “no cheerleading” was also one of the episode’s highlights, as she had Carrie quiet the nurse when she told Miranda to push, and stop Steve from crying when Miranda revealed she wanted to call the baby Brady.

While some people posted messages attempting to talk him out of going through with his plans, others encouraged him to kill himself.

What form their imaginations take remains to be seen.

Wrestling promotions are the equivalent of major corporations, football clubs or even the shady bar one street over.

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