Wpf textbox validating event

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inner Text Box is Text Box innere Combo Box is Combo Box this is my code code event for Validating.

What to do that event will not fire when i click on Combo Box? And i want to use Validating event for this control. Validating this means that will work for Tet Box which is ok.

In Win Forms I could handle the Validated event to do something after the user changed text in a Text Box.Unlike Text Changed, Validated didn't fire for every character change; it only fired when the user was done.Is there anything in WPF I can use to get the same result, an event raised only after the user is It seems that there is no native solution. But when the user click on Enter, he wants the Text Box to validate the change.If the user enters invalid data, I want to be able to revert to the previous text value. I'm not sure if you are aware of it but Preview events are said to be tunneling, ie.In the old forms day, I would replace New Value with Old Value, but it seems WPF doesn't work the same way. they start from the outermost container and is posted in every container until it reaches the control that has focus.

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