Dating tips pisces women christian dating advice break up

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The Lion is the ultimate extrovert, while Pisces is usually very private.Leo can be insensitive which can lead to a wounded Fish.Like Pisces, Cancer is emotional, sensitive and will understand and reciprocate the Fish's powerful feelings.

The Fish will often see the Ram as insensitive, brash, and selfish. Taurus can provide the practicality and stability that Pisces lack.

Unlike Pisces, the Goat is stable and ambitious, which will bring a happy medium to the relationship.

He might be bearing water, but that shouldn't seduce our water-dwelling heroine. The two share immense creativity, and they'll appreciate that quality in each other, but a long-lasting intimate relationship between the Water-bearer and the Fish is doubtful.

The Capricorn man doesn't like to share his feelings, while emotional connection is important to the Fish.

She should be able to win his trust through her devotion, allowing him to let his guard down.

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