Outlook not updating calendar schedules

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Does my Outlook or the connector need to be open on my Desktop in order for the connector to sync?

No, you don’t need to have Outlook or the connector open for the connector to sync. All communication between the connector and the Schedule Once servers are done over HTTPS.

Which Outlook calendars can I sync with Schedule Once?

You can sync any calendar available in your Outlook Calendar.

Yes, you can configure default Outlook Calendar reminders in the connected Outlook Calendar.

To do so, go to Setup, open the left side bar, and select Integration -simply select an option from the Default Outlook Calendar reminders drop-down list.

To disconnect Schedule Once from your Outlook Calendar, go to Setup - Calendar integration in your Schedule Once account. Once you have done this, you can also uninstall the connector as you would uninstall any Windows program.

As you create a meeting invitation you are able to see whether others are free or busy, but you aren't able to see any other information about their schedule (such as the meeting title, who is invited, or where it's taking place).To view another person's shared calendar, complete the following steps.Schedule Once has the deepest and broadest integration with Outlook Calendar.After you download the Schedule Once connector for Outlook, you are in a pending connection state with your Outlook Calendar and you will not be able to accept bookings until you install the connector and perform the first sync.What are the system requirements for the connector?

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