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Holly Wolf, 29, last dated a white man in college but since reaching her adult years she says she has only ever been attracted to Asians.Shockingly, the Playmate has revealed that she regularly receives abuse from men when she tells them what her type is.'I dated a few Asian dancer friends of mine, and then it kind of just all went from there,' said Wolf.By doing this, you can kill two birds with one stone because you’re keeping yourself busy and you’re doing something good for the community. There will be plenty of people who may feel just as lonely as you.Through online dating, you can find a bit of comfort and solace since you’re not going through what you’re feeling alone.It’s hard to believe that people are feeling lonely during Christmas season but it’s common.Those who don’t have a significant other or those who cannot go home to their families are mainly the ones who experience this emotion.Think of Asian Date blog as the number one destination for finding out everything you need to know about not only Asian women, but also as a window into their daily lives and the richness of Asian cultures.Let us be your primary source for Asian dating advice because our long personal experience has given us insight that we’re happy to share with you.

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While you cannot cancel the holidays, you can definitely do something about holiday loneliness.Pick one day of the holiday, preferably the day when you feel the most lonely, to take a break from social media. To keep yourself busy, why not volunteer at a shelter?One of the best gifts that you can give others is your time.'I solely find [Asians] much more attractive than white guys' Explaining the abuse she receives, Holly said: 'They can be really persistent until I literally have had to say, "Look, you're not my type. I've had people just call me all sorts of names after rejecting them.'They just get so angry to the point where they'd call me a w**** and a s*** and, 'Oh, I didn't like you anyway.''She added: 'Racism is still really prevalent which I find just shocking considering how global we all are now.I like Asian guys, don't even try." They get so angry at me''People hate.

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