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The newly introduced photo of Earth on We Chat is taken by China's geostationary meteorological satellite Fengyun 4A (FY-4A) that was launched into space in December 2016 and has been on trial testing for months.The popular app had earlier used (since 2011) the Blue Marble picture taken by NASA from outer space in 1972.

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Elsewhere, Whats App may be impacted once again as it is seen as a popular channel for dissidents and activists.

The service suffered interruptions in September after it was heavily used following the death of dissident Liu Xiaobo, a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, who lost a battle to liver cancer after been denied permission to leave custody to seek medical treatment overseas.

Expect to see plenty of censorship news coming out of China over the next week.

The country’s National Congress is a hugely influential political summit that takes place every five years, and includes the selection of central party leadership.

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