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See more at Doctor’s adventures Continue Reading » The hot blonde with stunning body took off her panties and climbed the gyno chair for some hot dildo fuck.Watch her fuck herself with a black dildo and a pink vibrator in the downloadable videos below or follow the link to access the full HD videos of nude nurses.Then she stood full nude in front of the doc and he examined her boobs. He asked her about her sexual life and her problems. He also inserted a gyno speculum into her tight hole and rotated it to get the best view.The breast exam was followed by a speculum insertion. Jessie called the registration desk asking for a regular gyno exam.

I told her to left her hips slightly, whereupon I was able to slide them down and all the way off.

If you squirm around and it works itself out, we’ll have to start all over,” I said. With Ginny supervising, I placed a dollop of gel on my forefinger, and in one quick motion spread her taut buttocks apart and began applying the lubricant first in a circular motion around the perimeter of her anal opening, then gradually working my finger inside.

After several rotations, I withdrew my finger, wiped it clean, and inserted the rectal thermometer.

I then reached over to the other end of the table and retrieved the rectal thermometer, lubricant and Kleenex.

“I’m going to spread your cheeks and apply some lubricant to your anus now.

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