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While talking with your date, you must answer any questions your date asks you, and you have to ask him/her questions. Physical geography of Southeast Asia 080922 Note: Since, Ma = million years ago, the time frame of formation of what we now know as Myanmar is 1 to 100 million years ago - roughly the Cenozoic. It forms a convergent plate margin with the continental Eurasian Plate, beneath which it subducts at the Sunda or Java Trench. Anomalies M10 to M25 (Neocomian-Oxfordian) have been identified (Heirtzler et.a.An Eastern Line, through Thaton and Madaw Island, is alkaline and probably related to continental rifting in the back-arc area related to the Sagaing-Namyin Fault system.A broad zone of earthquakes, wedge-shaped in east-west cross-section, extends eastwards from the western margin of the Indo-Burman Ranges, but there is no longer any well-defined Benioff zone.However, an active plate margin continues southwards west of the Andaman Sea, west of Sumatra, and south of Java, curving northwards in the Banda Sea (Figure 1.4). Myanmar, p009: Cratonic India began its collision with Asia around 50 Ma ago and rotated anticlockwise to cause a major indentation at the Assam-Yunnan syntaxis.Subduction was converted to collision, and the acretionary prism active along the length of Sumatra was strongly uplifted to form the Indo-Burman Ranges, immediately west of which Precambrian India outcrops in the Shillong Plateau and Mikir Hills of Assam (Fig.1.5).

One of the faults is the Investigator Ridge; others lie close to and parallel to the Ninety-East Ridge.

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Prepared for students and staff of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR : , |Top Physical Geography of Southeast Asia - by Avijit Gupta, Physical Geography of Southeast Asia, Oxford Univ.

(to check with Myanmar geologists.) To appreciate the maps given, I always refer to the latitude 20N where find the most prominent landmark of the region, Mount Popa, 20.92N 95.25E, summit elevation 4,980 feet (1518 m). The Eurasian continental plate protrudes as a peninsular extension (Sundaland) southwards as far as Singapore, continuing beneath the shallow Straits of Malaca and the Sunda Shelf as the island of Sumatra and the northwestern part of Borneo (Figure 1.1 - UKT: I have taken the part related to Myanmar, the reader is adviced to consult the original map.) Indian Ocean, p.003: Based on magnetic anomaly identification, calibrated by drill site data, three distinct episodes of sea-floor spreading can be discerned (Curry et al. 1978) in the Argo Abyssal Plain, beneath the Sunda (Java) Trench and western Australia (Fig.1.3. The spreading pattern was completely reorganized between magnetic anomalies M0 and 34, which is the Cretaceous magnetic quiet period (110-80 Ma ago).

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