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(Both of those things impacted swipe-rate in Tyson’s study.) Part of that is also sending opening messages that contain more than “hello” or “hey,” which make up a quarter of all Tinder openings.

“You want to immediately differentiate yourself with a cool and interesting conversation opener,” Tyson said.

By “people,” of course, he actually means straight men.

Tyson can’t say for sure what the best Tinder strategy for those men is.

Even with this new approach, the numbers don’t favor him.“My friends have suggested I sell it as a product,” Stadil said with a laugh.How to get a girl's phone number in 3 minutes The most important tip I can give you about picking up a woman is to MAKE EYE CONTACT with her. Never look down (a sign of submission, timidity, and weakness) and never look at a woman's Bosom s when you're talking to her (a common mistake many men make).The feature was billed as a means to cut down on spam, but Gareth Tyson, the lead author of that recent Tinder study, sees an alternative explanation.“This rationing is intended to make people more frugal and discerning in their liking strategies,” Tyson said.

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